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Some Reasons Why Laptop Not Charging You Should Know

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There are times when a laptop cannot be charged. Here is the explanation of the reasons why laptop not charging.
Why Laptop Not Charging

Laptops are portable computers that we can use anywhere. Swordfish don’t rely on mains electricity like personal computers. However, there are times when a laptop cannot be charged. Here is the explanation of the reasons why laptop not charging.

Why Laptop Not Charging

1. Charger Plug Problem

One of the reasons why laptop not charging is that the charger plug is not plugged in properly. Make sure that the charger plug on the laptop is properly attached to the socket. In addition, it causes a loosening of the connection between the wall socket and the charger plug.

If the connection between the socket and the charger plug is loose. It is necessary to have a connector to be able to connect properly. For example, a three-legged plug. This plug requires a special connector to be able to connect with a standard socket.

2. Charger Cable Problem

Damage to the invisible charger cable can be a problem for why laptops not charging. For example, the damage is in the form of broken insulation, the smell of burning plastic, and torn charger cable.

The cable that is in the wrapping jacket can also be broken. Thus, these conditions can lead to why the laptop does not charge power. This happens because of the strong pull on the cable. And, make the cable cut off in a wrapping jacket.

3. Charger Adapter

Some adapters on laptops can detect problems with the power supply components. For example, there is an instability in the current that causes danger to the power supply.

To avoid serious problems, the laptop charger adapter will stop working for a few moments. Universal charger adapters (not original) can not detect power supply component problems. Thus, there are many problems with smoky charger adapters. Because of the element that is burning.

4. Problems With Laptop Connections and Laptop Batteries

Some laptops have a battery feature that can be easily removed. Battery discharges do not use special tools. However, only by unlocking certain locks on the bottom of the laptop.

When the connector is damaged, for example there is dirt or liquid. It will disrupt the power supply from the charger to the laptop. If ignore this, there will be damage to other components.

5. Laptop Battery

A laptop battery that is used for a long period of time decreases the power storage function. Characterized by a fast battery capacity runs out and a long charging process.

A long laptop battery will not be able to save power. Thus, a laptop that is charged will not be charged. This is the reason why laptop not charging.

6. Laptop Overheating

Overheating is excessive heat that occurs on a laptop. This causes why laptop not charging. The battery has stopped suddenly due to excessive heat on the laptop.

The right way to overcome this problem is to let the system cool down first. Ensure that air vents are unobstructed. Thus, laptops can charge in a cold state.

7. Battery Driver

Drivers that are not optimal can cause laptop not charging. Because the driver is integration between laptop hardware and software. Therefore, this problem come from an installed operating system can’t integrate a laptop charger with an attached battery.

Thus the explanation of the reasons why laptop not charging. This can be a consideration for laptop users if you get the problem. Users will get a solution to overcome the problem of why the laptop not charging.

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