Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

What to Visit in Shanghai – The Top-Rated Places

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Shanghai is the largest city in China, full of busy people and busy activities going each day. Due to its central position, Shanghai has one of the busiest portals in the world, that connects trading between countries. Despite all the activities going on, Shanghai still has many places to explore for a historical visit or just for a holiday. If you are asking what to visit in Shanghai, well there are museums and art galleries that are quite attracting. 

Even though Shanghai isn’t the best place to visit in China, you can still spend some time here. There aren’t many natural places in Shanghai, but there are historical places you can visit. Rather than getting confused about what to visit in Shanghai, here are some of the top-rated places:

1. Yu Garden

Go to one of the biggest gardens in Shanghai, which is also a historical place called Yu Garden. As its name, this is a garden that is located inside and outside of the building. It covers up to 20,000 square meters and has many kinds of flowers. Inside the garden, people can also see classical Chinese gardens such as little pavilions with decorative stones. There will also be a miniature mountain and small ponds making the garden a sweet place to visit.

 2. The Jade Buddha Temple

What to visit in Shanghai or China, well one of them must be visiting a temple. One of the temples to visit is The Jade Buddha Temple which is in Anyuan Lu. Overall the temple is divided into three halls and two courtyards containing two statues. One of the two statues stand up two-meter-high in Wentang’s main hall and it is open for tourists. Other than here, another temple to visit when in Shangai is the Jing’an Temple, located in Nanjing West Road. 

 3. The Shanghai Museum

One of the most important museum in China for its Classical Chinese art is the Shanghai Museum. The building of the museum itself is an art, with its unique round top and square base. Many people may not be aware, but the shape of the building is also a traditional Chinese concept. Inside the museum, people can see impressive arts such as bronzes and ceramics from the 19th century. They can also see ink drawings, calligraphy and arts from ethnic in the past. 

 4. The Oriental Pearl Tower

The tallest tower in Shanghai, where people can see the busy rivers and streets of Shanghai. The view in the afternoon or at night is superb, especially when the sky is clear. If you heave the guts, you can also see the view below on the glass floor. For those who want to spend an afternoon or night can eat up in the restaurant while seeing the view. 

 5. Nanjing Road

For those who love shopping must visit Nanjing Road. China is known for its cheap products, whether they are real-branded or imitates. Well, all of that can be found in Nanjing road, from the traditional places to expensive boutiques are all here. If you are looking for a souvenir you can also get them here. 

So, even though there isn’t any attraction, you won’t need to get confused anymore about what to visit in Shanghai. There are at least places you can relax after a tiring day or a place to shop. Historical places are also available for those who love traditional places. Overall, Shanghai is a friendly city that people can visit and still have fun.  

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