Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

What Should You Know About Teacher’s Role in Teaching Discipline to Your Kids

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Discipline is one of the basic manners every kid should have. It is very important to be taught at an early age. It is just not useful for themselves, but also how they behave once they are grown up. Thus, as the parent, you have to know the teacher’s role in teaching discipline to your kids. Because discipline for children is more than obeying the instruction. Discipline strongly relates to character building.

For the teachers, they have to build the classroom or learning environment that stirs rules. Applying the rules is one of the ways to build a discipline. Actually, there are lots of methods to introduce what discipline is. That is why the teacher has a big responsibility to teach about it. If you want to know more about the teacher’s role in teaching discipline to your kids, then see the list below. Because we are here want to discuss at a glance this topic.

1. Embrace Sorry Feeling

In our society, discipline always relates to reward and punishment. Everybody who acts following the rules will get appreciation. At least you won’t get trouble when you are an adult. Contrarily, when you crush the rules, just prepare for punishment. Whether you get direct punishment or social judgment. This is not as good as the methods. Add the value and build sorry feelings when they are not in the line. It is good to raise awareness inside.

2. Be Fair

One of the reasons why kids are hard to obey is because they see or feel something unfair. For example, when they have to put their belongings after school in the right place but they don’t see the same sample from the parents. This what makes everything is asked non-sense. So just be fair if you ask for discipline, you must show the right role.

3. Erase Meaningless Rules

Developing discipline is about creating behavior with the environment. Thus, make their circle comfort to spend the day. Teaching discipline doesn’t mean being very strict. There are lots of teachers that apply meaningless rules. This teaches the students again to non-sense something. Just make everything rational then they will understand why discipline is important.

4. Involve the Students

A good teacher is one who can create equal interaction. So, involving the students in making the rule is very important. This also teaches them responsible for what they make and decide. More than that, they will know what the commitment is. This is good for their journey to be an adult. They won’t be a big mouth person because they keep their words.

5. Supportive Learning Environment

Actually, it relates to gender role learning. The teacher must be able to treat their students equally. There is no compromise for being discipline. This can be supported by the system or curriculum. Once the environment is supportive of everybody, then anyone inside feels all is fair. Or, the teacher can change the classroom setting too.

Those are the teacher’s role in teaching discipline to your kids. Before your kids enter school, it is necessary for you to explore the education system and technical teaching daily. By knowing this, at least you can imagine what the day your kids will spend.

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