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Spicy Food For Nursing Mom: Safe or Just Forget It?

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Many myths surround for nursing mother. But is spicy food for nursing mother safe? Read the explanation here.

Being a mom is a special blessing that not every woman gets. Moreover, when you have a baby and you give them breastmilk. Indeed, breastfeeding is quite challenging. You have to deal with the ups and downs of emotion, also hold your craving for certain food. Spicy food has become a discussion among the moms. Is it safe or possibly harm your baby? Well, find out the facts about spicy food for nursing mom below. Hopefully, it eases your doubt, Mom.

Actually, spicy food is not the only thing that you should be in doubt. Caffeine also an issue for certain mommies. Nursing mom is allowed for a certain amount of coffee, chocolate, and anything contains caffeine. Is it the same for spicy food? Or you need to avoid spicy food completely? Well, be relax, mom. Read our findings here about spicy food for nursing mom:

1. Causing Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a serious issue for every baby. Moreover, it takes for a long day because can cause dehydration. Actually, there are many reasons why your baby gets diarrhea. One of them is probably your hygiene. But if you want to check your diet, your baby might sensitive for certain food, including spicy food. This might be a trigger for diarrhea.

2. Baby’s Flavors

If you used to eat spicy food since you are pregnant, it gives a little advantage for your baby. Everything that is eaten by the mom, then their baby at least will taste it too. When the baby is born, they will not feel strange with spicy food. Thus, it is not really dangerous to introduce spicy food to your baby.

3. Allergic Issue

Just like diarrhea, sometimes parent blames the spicy food. In fact, every baby has a different tolerance for certain food. It is not only for spicy food. Thus, you must see a pediatrician consul about it. Just because you like spicy food, it doesn’t mean your baby’s body can deal with it. Sometimes there is a different allergic issue between the parents and their baby.

4. Breastmilk Taste

Breastmilk taste is also a disturbing issue for some mommies. They believe that spicy food can change the taste of their breastmilk. The baby will taste spicy too while they are feeding. Actually, there is no proven study that said spicy food can change the taste. The most study said that spicy food is absorbed through mom’s blood but doesn’t change the taste.

5. Interval Time

If you really love to eat spicy food, then you have to pay attention to the interval time. It is a time when the spicy food is fully absorbed by your blood. It takes about four to six hours to get your blood neutral. Indeed, it would not totally neutral, but at least you don’t directly feed your baby after eating spicy food. Having this interval time is important to minimize the effect too.

As we mentioned above, spicy food is not the only food you should aware of. Besides spicy food and caffeine, there is also food that causes gas to your baby. Once you don’t realize about this, your baby will get fussy, cholic, and really uncomfortable. You cannot compare yourself with the others because spicy food for nursing mom depends on each body’s tolerance.

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