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Is PTSD A Disability? Find The Answer Here

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Having a traumatic experience can lead for PTSD. People with PTSD might find difficulties in daily life. Thus, is PTSD a disability?
Is PTSD A Disability

PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric extreme reaction that is caused because of the experience of being a witness. An example of an event that can cause traumatic is accidents, crime or natural disasters. A person who suffers from PTSD will usually have difficulty in forgetting the event. Thus, they usually get bad dreams, hard to concentrate and even hard to sleep. This disruption affects daily life and causes sufferers more stress. So, when is PTSD a disability?

Is PTSD A Disability

Signs When PTSD is a Disability

PTSD is a disability when the disorder disturbs a person’s daily life. Causing them to not be able to work normally. Not all PTSD is a disability. And people can cure it out in the future. Therefore, before getting there, try not to get stress. Here are some signs when PTSD is a disability:

1. Not Being Able to Focus

The signs or effect of PTSD doesn’t always occur right after the accident. It can come right after the accident or months after it. When is PTSD a disability? This is one of the times. A severe effect of PTSD is not being able to focus. Usually, the victim will not be able to do anything because they are not focused. Therefore, this sign as a disability. The victim can not do anything without the help of another person. Their thoughts are usually empty. 

2. Traumatic/ Bad Memories

When a person becomes traumatic of an incident, they will have bad memories. If the memories only occur once/twice, and the victim stays calm then it’s not a problem. However, if it causes people to panic and scream then it is a disability. A patient of this disability will usually panic and freak out every time the memory occurs. The worst case is, they can even kill themselves. Therefore, this kind of people must be supervised. 

3. Not Communicating 

Another sign of PTSD is the person usually closes their self from the outside world. They become close-minded, close communication and close to everything around them. Usually, they are afraid of others. Especially if they have traumatic with others, such as boys they will not want to see any kind of boys. 

How to Prevent

Even though it can disability, there are ways to cure it. Make your life happy and make sure to stay away from problems. This is the easiest way to prevent PTSD. People can at least choose their path life. Therefore, ensure to choose the right one. For example, choosing a partner life. Choose a person that can help and cares about you. Once your partner hits you, then leave them. You may be fine at that time, but if it goes on then it can cause PTSD

The question is PTSD a disability or not can only be defined by the person’s reaction. Rather than just cornering them, it is better to help them through this process. The number one support that every PTSD sufferer needs is support from their beloved ones. So, if you have a friend or family that is suffering from PTSD do not leave them. Support and help them out until they are cured.

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