Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

5 Simple Ways of How to Overcome Kids’ Tantrums

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There's no exact reason why kids' throw tantrums. But here's some tricks on how to overcome kids' tantrums parents should know.
how to overcome kids' tantrums
how to overcome kids' tantrums

Tantrums have always been an issue for every parent. Many of us are confused about what to do when the kids are crying out loud or even screaming. Thus, it is important to know how to overcome kids’ tantrums. We know that it is not easy. But, if you don’t handle it well, probably the situation becomes worse.

The key point of tantrums is when the kids get upset for essential things. Remember, sometimes a little thing could be very sensitive to them. So, don’t underestimate whatever the concern. Let’s find out how to overcome kids’ tantrums easily. These steps are best practiced in front of the public too.

1. Stay Calm (and Pretend)

This step perhaps causes their scream getting louder. But for several kids, this method works well because they don’t get our attention. However, staying calm and pretending nothing happens cannot be allowed for a long time. Once the situation gets worse, you must stop this. Take a break of your activity, inhale-exhale, and calm down yourself. If you already control your emotions, it would be easier to lower the kids’ temper too.

2. Wait for the Tantrums Calm

Screaming, kicking, or breaking something will spend their energy. If you are patient enough, you can wait until the tantrums get calm. Then, that is the moment you can approach them slowly. Never try to dominate the situation. At this moment, they are the center of attention. Make the kids feel relax and comfortable to release their anger.

3. Soft Approach

Next step of how to overcome kids’ tantrums is approaching them. Give positive attention by showing your care. Tell the kids that you really understand what they feel. Also, let them know that you are happy if they share their upset with you. Be a good shoulder to lean on. Sometimes tantrums come up when they are not heard.

4. Distract Their Attention

You should do this step, especially when you approach your kid with talk. They keep screaming and crying for no reason (or at least we haven’t found why). Kids’ attention is easy to distract. Show them what they like, such as a cartoon figure, the birds, the toys, or anything. They will get silent for seconds, then direct them into a comfortable situation, for example playing the toys, make a silly conversation, and many more. Keep doing this until they forget why they tantrums. Once the situation is under control, ask them to discuss it.

5. Take Control Over the Things

This is the last step of how to overcome kids’ tantrums. You might get stress and influenced to scream too. Hold on, then take control over the things. Grab them into your hug to show that you have power here. But remember, don’t do it rudely. Taking control doesn’t mean you hurt them. It is for stopping them to make everything is worse. Speak firmly and tell that you don’t like them being tantrums. See their eyes deeply to confirm for what are you saying.

You can reduce a tantrum by making your kids discipline in daily life. A routine is important to build consistency and responsibility. Once they have good behavior, you might not face a bad tantrum. These tips on how to overcome kids’ tantrums cannot work well before you calm down yourself. Remember, you won’t believe this, but your kids can feel your emotions too.

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