Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

How to Lose Weight on The Face, Look at The Explanation

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Losing weight is a challenge, especially in specific areas of the body such as the face. The presence of extra fat on the face for some people seems very frustrating and can reduce self-confidence. Here are some explanations on how to lose weight on the face.

1 Facial Gymnastics

Doing facial exercises regularly every day is known to help tighten facial muscles and combat the signs of aging. The trick is to make movements such as blowing a balloon by inflating the cheek and then returning it to its original shape.

After that, continue with the smiling fish movement, which is by sucking the cheek inward until it resembles the shape of a fish face. Remove and continue with a big smile until all the teeth are displayed.

Besides that, you can do X and O pronunciation alternately will train facial muscles. Say “X-O-X-O” out loud 20 times by emphasizing the pronunciation of each letter to maximize its benefits. This exercise can be done in the morning while dressing.

Another step you can take is to open your mouth as wide as possible so you look like you’re screaming. After that, hold your mouth in this position for 5 seconds and release. Repeat until 30 times. Try doing this exercise while making your bed or completing other household chores.

2 Exercise Regularly

Do exercise regularly for 150-300 minutes per week which means the same as 20-40 minutes of cardio exercise every day. Exercising regularly can help streamline the appearance of the face by losing weight.

Even if you don’t need to lose excess weight, exercise will help improve blood circulation, and this alone can help streamline the face. Tips for doing sports so as not to feel lazy, that is, make sure to choose the type of sport you like, such as walking or dancing.

Moreover try to exercise moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more, almost every day for a week. This is a way how to reduce weight on the face that can be used as recommendations.

3 Stay Away From Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks can cause weight gain and increase the risk of fluid retention due to high calories, low nutrition and disrupt electrolyte balance. In women, this one bad habit can increase estrogen levels which can trigger the accumulation of fat in typical areas, such as thighs, hips, and face.

Consumption of alcoholic drinks can make your face look even more bloated. So, you should stop consuming alcohol altogether if possible, or at the very least, limit your alcohol consumption. Do not consume alcoholic drinks more than 1 a day for women, or more than 2 a day for men.

One alcoholic drink is equivalent to 350 ml of beer or 50 ml of a drink with high alcohol content. Try mocktails as an alternative when you want to drink. Combine sparkling water, a little cranberry juice, and sliced ​​lime to make a delicious low-calorie drink.

Besides giving a bad appearance to the face, in more serious conditions, long-term alcohol consumption habits can interfere with liver function. Progressivity is even so wild because it can develop into cirrhosis of the liver. If you find it difficult to stop consuming alcoholic beverages, consult your doctor.

Those are some tips on how to lose weight on the face that is worth a try. But this is not an instant way. So stay patient and continue to be consistent to get the best results. Do not necessarily rush to smooth your cheeks with surgery.

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