Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Easy Tips for Mom About How to Deal with Picky Eater Kids

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One of the challenging things being a mom is feeding their kids. It is not easy like you imagine. Maybe you see your friend’s posts are full of cute activity. How exciting giving food to their kids. Well, in fact, some mommies feel hard to do it. Mostly because they face a little picky eater. This is a kid that only wants to eat certain foods only. Moreover, there is a kid that only wants to eat one food. Don’t be stressed, here we share with you how to deal with picky eater kids.

The main key to deal with them is patient. There is no important step than being patient facing this. Then, you have to do another movement. Ask your husband and their care giver to collaborate is also important. When you have one voice with the whole family member, your kid will understand how they should behave. Try one by one of our tips below about how to deal with picky eater kids. We hope that it helps your problem with them.

1.      Change the Menu

Kids are just like adult people. They can feel bored and want something new. So, Moms, be creative in creating their menu and no problem to change it every day. This way also helps you to find what is really they like. By the time, when they see their plate has various foods, they want to try at least one or two times. Don’t give up and explore more various recipes on the Internet.

2.      Let Them Decide

You might already know what they will choose. But, make sure that you offer some new things. Don’t offer the same food as before, because they will absolutely pick that one. Let them explore new food by themselves. This method also teaches them how to respond with their decision. Once you see them avoid to eat, be patient and discuss how important to be responsible about it.

3.      Involve Them to Make Menu

Ask them to join in making menu. It might be interesting for them. Once they face their plate, they will remember what they listed with you. Just like the previous tips, this also makes them understand about being responsible. Pick them too to the groceries and let them put the food into the cart.

4.      Don’t Ban the Sweets at All

We know that sweets are very challenging. They seem better not to eat than losing sweets. It is not good to ban the sweet at all. Discuss with them when they are allowed for it and not. Make a commitment and change it day by day slowly.

5.      Be Relax

Hey, Mom, however, they are still the kids. Let them enjoy the process. Just believe that they also try their best to be as you want. Relax and get rid of high expectations. Once they love fruit and vegetable, give them an unforgettable appreciation.

We know that following tips about how to deal with picky eater kids is not easy. But it doesn’t mean you cannot start it. Try the easiest one and their response. Enjoy the process and don’t push them so hard.

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