Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

Free And Fun Drawing Apps For Kids You Should Install

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It's common knowledge that kids have a ton of creativity. To channel that, you can install drawing apps for kids on your phone!

Kids are small people that are usually very creative. A way to develop their creativity is by drawing and designing. With the development of everything, these days kids can learn to draw without a pen or paper. Just by using your phone or tablet kids can start learning how to draw. Whether you use an Android or iOS, there are many drawing apps for kids that you can try out.

Drawing apps for kids are very useful because some even teach the step on how to draw. So, adjust the type of apps with your kid’s need. Here are some apps for drawings that your kids can try out:

1. How to Draw

If your kid is just starting to learn how to draw, then this app is the best choice. The app will help kids on how to draw a cartoon, animals and many more. The steps are very simple and easy to follow. Therefore, any kid can follow the instruction and do it their self.

You can practice the drawing online on the app, or real paper. This app will help your kids drawing to another level. As for those who like coloring can also use this app. Because they also provide pictures of animals, cartoons that kids can color online or offline.

2. Kids Doodle

One of the drawing apps for kids that is fun and easy to use is Kids Doodle. This application is made specifically for kids, so it is simple. There are more than 10 brushes available, and kids can use them to draw anything. They also provide many colors to make the drawing attracting. Parents can adjust the drawing from small to big, depending on their kids. After your kids have finished all the drawings, you can compile the pictures into a video.

3. Doddle Buddy

Another drawing and coloring application for kids is Doddle Buddy. This creative application lets kids to draw using their fingers on the screen of their gadget. There are also stamps that kids can drop to the frame to make the coloring more interesting. With this app, kids can learn how to draw and color the right way.

4. Drawing for Kids

Drawing has never been this easy because kids can practice their drawing just by tracing the pictures. The apps offer many kinds of pictures for kids to practice, therefore they can draw on their own. The pictures are also big, so it is easy for kids to follow around.

5. Animal Sketch

The application provides 6 sea creatures that kids can color and draw. Their unique pictures and colors make the application very interesting for kids to try and use. Kids can also use their fingers to color and draw the sea creatures. This apps is better for kids that are a bit older.

So, being creative can now be done online or offline and it is still fun. The drawing apps for kids can be downloaded, so kids can play it anytime and anywhere. Don’t forget to choose and adjust the app before giving it to your children.

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