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6 Best Vacation Spots On Lake Michigan You Have To Visit

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As one of the largest lake in the world, Lake Michigan became a tourist attraction. Here are best vacation spots on Lake Michigan.
Best Vacation Spots On Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is the 5 largest lakes in North America and the 5th largest lake in the world. This lake has a surface area of more or less ​​57,750 km2. With border by countries including Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. For that reason, these are the places that have the best vacation spots on Lake Michigan.

Best Vacation Spots On Lake Michigan You Have To Visit

1. Mackinac Island in Michigan

Mackinac Island is on Lake Michigan that a simple way of life and offers history. Visitors can tour the island by using horse-drawn carriages. And, you can do vacation activities such as hiking, visiting old shops and fort Mackinac.

Opening from 1957, Mackinac Island has a bridge that connects Mackinac City to the Upper Peninsula on St. Ignace. And there is also the Mackinac Bridge Museum which contains many original artifacts.

Mackinac Island is unique in that motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering this island. The reason this regulation was made is that the majority of Mackinac Island people raise livestock. So, that if a motorbike passing by, livestock will be easily stressed.

2. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Beach

The sleeping bear dunes national lakeshore beach is a Michigan gem which is the best vacation spots on lake Michigan. The best beach points of this beach are Peterson road, the river point Platte, and Tiesma road.

The closest lodging choice on this beach is a small motel with a bed and breakfast. In addition, you can find resort accommodations such as Harbor Lights Resort which is 15 minutes away. Also, there are many boat tours for sightseeing. For example, there are Traverse City with Tall Ship Manitou.

3. The History Museum of Michigan

This museum is on Lake Michigan with the largest education center and the first facilities made by the state. Exhibitions and artifacts are often held in this museum. In addition, this museum non-permanent and permanent exhibits such as interactive modules, films, and presentations.

The exhibition was updated by combining the technology to increase visitors able to see the past of Michigan. Also, the Michigan History Museum offers programs and special events for visitors. So, this museum is included in the best vacation spots on Lake Michigan.

4. Grand Haven City Beach

One of the best vacation spots on Lake Michigan is the Grand Haven City Beach. This beach is located in a state park with many facilities and activities. The entrance fee to monitor the grand haven is $9, and the entry to all tourist points.

The visitor can enjoying the atmosphere of the beach or swimming can make a vacation feels comfortable. In addition, the visitor can surf or use a skateboard.

5. The Manistique Beach

Next attraction of the upper part of Michigan for visitors. Because there are views of the harbor and swimming spots. Thus, this place is one of the best vacation spots that you can find on Lake Michigan. Mild water conditions can be a place to swim or float on a raft.

There is a restaurant nearby if you don’t want to bring lunch from home or lodging. Also, Other activities that can fill a vacation is to visit a souvenir shop and take a tour of the Seul Choix Mercusuar.

Those mentioned tourist destinations are the best vacation spots on Lake Michigan you can visit for vacation. Another plus point, these places are located around the city of Michigan.

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