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The Best Game For Low End PC You Can Play

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Having low end PC doesn't mean you can't play game. Here we have a list of best game for low end PC that you can play.

Playing games is one of the most favorite ways to release stress. Rather than playing by mobile phones, playing by computers is easier. However, playing games on computers can sometimes meltdown the machine. Usually to support their hobby many people prefer to buy computers for games. Despite the expensive price, many people enjoy playing them on the computer. For those who don’t have a game computer, don’t need to worry. Because the best game for low end PC is available and they are free. 

If you are looking for some games for PC, check these out. Some of the games are easy playing, some are challenging. There are many options for all genres and ages to choose from. Here is the best game for low end PC you can try:

1. Slay the Spire

If you are a fan of card games, try out this game on your PC. This game is a combination of cards and war. By collecting the right cards, your power will be developed and then you can kill your enemies. Therefore, you need to make a strategy to keep up your power. If you are lucky enough, you can get a lucky combination of cards. With these cards, you can fasten your power and kill all the enemies. Overall the game is quite light for both the gamer and the PC. So, don’t worry about melting down the PC. 

2. Stardew Valley

For those who like to play Harvest Moon on your mobile phone can play them on your PC. The game available on PC is Stardew Valley. In this game, you can build your farm, with any vegetables you like. Explore all the tools and support that are provided and make the best farm there is. The best part is the game is made with simple graphics. So, you can run the game without any problem. Don’t blame the game for making you addicted to it.

3. Gorogoa

Gamers who are looking for a thinking kind of game can peek at Gorogoa. This is a puzzle game which makes you think a bit. Instead of a normal puzzle game, the story itself is made as a puzzle. And in the end, the gamer will have to sort it out. The design of the game is very interesting but also making curios. 

4. Finding the Lost Treasure

A hide and seek game never gets old and is always interesting to play. In this game, there are many levels you can try. Each level has different difficulties and quantities in finding the treasure. The higher the level is the harder it will be but is also challenging. And the faster you find the treasure the more point you will get. These points can be used for upgrading your hints. 

5. Minecraft

One of the best game for low end, PC is Minecraft, and yes, it is possible. Just like Minecraft on mobile phones, this game is a war game. To prevent your laptop from melting, make sure to close other windows and applications before playing. 

Try out these some of the best game for low end PC on your computer. Remember not to download too many games at once. Because this will sure make your laptop hot and slow down. Another way to play these games without worrying is by playing online. However, make sure your connection is Stabil so that it doesn’t disturb you.

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