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5 Delicious Breastfeeding Foods to Avoid You Might Hard to Do

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breastfeeding foods to avoid
breastfeeding foods to avoid
A mother Breast feeding his baby at home

Breastfeeding is a special blessing for every mom. Sometimes it feels stressful, but don’t be worry everything will be okay. One of the common problems is about eating. You need to know that some foods may occur problems with your breast milk. Even not all are proven by research, several babies get the effect. In this article, we will let you know about breastfeeding foods to avoid.

Unluckily, these foods are what you love to eat. They are a favorite food when you are lunch or sitting in front of the TV. However, being a Mom indeed does some sacrifices. Including not to eat your favorite food that might affect your breastmilk. Here are breastfeeding foods to avoid:

1. Caffeine

Having a cup of coffee or a glass of hot chocolate is relaxing. It is a pleasure to spend a night with this. But, unfortunately, those drinks are believed can reduce your breastmilk. Even though there is no evidence that proves its direct impact, some moms feel that way. Also, it can cause your baby more active, wide-eyes, and fussier. If these symptoms appear, then you need to lower caffeine consume per day.

2. Mercury

When you are breastfeeding, you need to improve your nutrition intake. Because it will pass to your breastmilk into your baby. As one of the sources of protein, there are kinds of fish you have to avoid. For example, white tuna, king mackerel, and swordfish. Actually, there are still other fish that have a high amount of methylmercury. It is not good for your baby’s nervous system.

3. Spicy Foods

Some baby doesn’t have a problem with spicy foods. They can deal with it, moreover, if their mom ate spicy foods when pregnant. This could be their primary food. But the other babies respond to their inconvenience for this. Sometimes the baby avoids to get breastfed and upset for a moment.

4. Alcohol

When you start to breastfeed, try to find another way in hanging out with the girls. Avoid drinking alcohol if you still giving the milk. Alcohol can pass through your breastmilk and come into your baby’s system. Even though you take time before breastfeeding, the alcohol is still in your blood. And of course, whether you get tipsy or not, your blood still contains the alcohol.

5. Gassy Foods

There is no specific food that causes gas. But at least we can mention several foods, like beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, or cabbage. You really need to avoid this food, unless you will see your baby in colic. Your baby will get bloating after taking breastmilk. Indeed, it can be solved by making them burping, but it is not that easy. The baby will cry for the rest of the day because their stomach feels not good.

If you are the first time mother, it is okay seeing your baby uncomfortable after breastfeeding. It means that you have to be more aware of their reaction. See the doctor when you get confused because of not all the bad reactions caused by your food. However, knowing the breastfeeding foods to avoid is still as important as your anticipation.

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